"It doesn't make any sense," said Sidney Wolfe, senior advisor of the Public Citizen's Health Research Group, who served on an FDA drug safety group that urged for stronger warnings and lower doses. "Why bother having advisory committees who spend hundreds of hours researching these issues and then not do one of the most important things we recommend?"

Ninfa Redmond, a toxicologist who served on the FDA advisory panel in the 1970s, said  "we were fully aware of our capacity as advisors. We were not there to make laws. But we felt so strongly about the liver damage from acetaminophen that we said the warning should be obligatory."

It was the only time in the massive report reviewing scores of drugs, she said, that the group used such strong language.

 "In a democracy, when we present a report, it will take several months. The FDA has to send the 220-plus pages to companies, get replies, answer the comments and the comments of the comments. But that doesn't explain 32 years," she said. "I think the industry must have put up a big fight."


Tylenol Liver Damage Medical Research

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Tylenol liver Side Effects

Toxic epidermal necrolysis associated with acetaminophen

TEN can be caused by Dilantin Cerebellar Atrophy Risks medications such as acetaminophen. Rechallenge with the causative drug carries a risk of severe complications and should be avoided.


The F.D.A. and Acetaminophen
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Since about 2001, the FDA has been taking a deeper look into dangers associated with taking acetaminophen (best known under the "Tylenol" brand name). There are about 600 products on the market that contain acetaminophen and in many instances, consumers are not even aware of it. They include pain, cold and flu remedies that are sold over the counter...


Acetaminophen and Liver Injury: Q & A for Consumers

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On June 29 and 30, 2009, FDA will hold an advisory committee meeting in Adelphi, Md., about how to address the problem of liver injury related to the use of ...

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