Focuses on Tylenol and Liver Damage


Victims of serious liver injuries

Allegedly related to the use of a Tylenol product may be entitled to compensation for the physical and financial damages they have suffered. To learn more about the potential link between Tylenol and liver damage, please visit the Law Firm website. Free, confidential and no-obligation case reviews are available by calling 1-855-496-6059., FDA, 2009,, August 29, 2013




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The most common symptoms of allergies are skin rashes, swellings and most severely, hives. Patients can also feel difficulty in breathing, have a stomachache, joint ache or headache, suffer dizziness, nausea and fatigue or develop a fever. Allergy attacks usually happen a couple of days after taking medicines, but can also happen weeks after. A severe consequence of drug allergies is the loss of white blood cells, which causes high fever, fatigue, rashes, bleeding beneath the skin, ulceration in the inner parts of mouth and nose and sex organs, and pneumonia. This can end up killing the person. Stevens Johnson and Lyell’s syndromes, which are rare skin disorders, can also happen after taking medication, causing severe ulceration of the skin and muscles. These conditions can affect the liver and kidneys and can prove fatal.