Azithromycin 250 mg Sudden Heart Attack Victims



Cardiovascular Risks with Azithromycin
Antibacterial Drug

Azithromycin has been linked to serious health complications, including heart attacks, Stevens Johnson Syndrome, cardiovascular problems and liver failure. Patients who take Azithromycin need to be aware of these potentially fatal Zithromax complications and speak with their doctors about the risk.

Have you ever wondered about whether you should take an antibiotics? Did you know Azithromycin is only effective at treating bacterial infections and should not be used for viral infections. The doctor looks you over and agrees you have a fever and congestion. The Doctor's writes you a prescription for a Zpak of azithromycin.

In March 2013, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) warned that azithromycin can cause abnormal electrical changes in the heart. This electrical change can lead to a potentially fatal irregular heart rhythm. Patients at risk of developing this potentially fatal Zithromax heart rhythm include patients with certain risk factors, including existing QT interval prolongation, low potassium or magnesium blood levels or slower than normal heart rate. Patients who are already taking medications to treat heart conditions are also at an increased risk of developing the potentially fatal heart rhythm